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AUI to RJ45 transceivers CSP Micro Transceiver MTCV-1D 10Base-T IEEE 802.3 $17.49 appropriate for use with Cisco 2511, Cisco 2501 and other Cisco 250x routers (preowned)

Interpla, Inc., offers for sale two types of rackears (rackmount brackets):

Rackear Blanks:

Rackear Blanks (mounting slots in front only) are available in the following sizes:
    3U (for 3 unit high equipment 5.25" high )

Rackear blanks are cut and bent from 16-gauge steel. The slots on the front of the rackears are CNC-machined and the parts are de-burred. The finished height of all blanks is .005" less than their stated height. (each rack height unit is 1 3/4") All blanks have a depth of about 5 ¼". There are two slots on each ear, about ¼" from the top and bottom. To make rack-mounting easier, the slots are rectangular and slightly oversize with corners the same radius as a #10 screw. No screws are provided with blanks. Rackear Blanks are intended for use with equipment that we do not provide rackear kits for.  They need  holes drilled by the purchaser  on the portion of the rackmount bracket that connects to the side of the rackmount equipment chassis.

Rackear blanks photos.
1U, 2U, 3,U, 4U, rackear (rackmount brackets) blanks1U rackear Blank (rack mount bracket)rackear showing 19 rackside mounting holes (slots)

Rackear Kits:

Rackear kits are available for the following popular networking equipment:
  • Cisco  1900, 1924, 25XX, 26XX, 2924M/2921M, 2900XL,3500XL, 3620, 3640, 52XX,5300
  • Ascend/Lucent Max TNT ( 23" racks)
  • HP Advance Stack 208, 224 switch

  •     Rackear kits for these units are cut and drilled from rackear blanks to fit the rack-mount equipment and painted satin black or gray. Mounting screws are provided, along with 4 ea #10  large head machine screws and nuts to mount the rackears to the rack. A small supply of these kits is kept in stock; large orders may take a couple of days time to fill. Note some manufacturers sell rackears that  can be used to rack mount equipment in both 19" and less frequently used 23" racks, the above rackear brackets are for front mounting in 19" racks only.

    Order form and Pricing Information- please print out and fax to Interpla, Inc.

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